Storm Damage Leads include a Money-back Guarantee!

We are a lead generation company that guarantees business with our Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages!

We do offer replacement leads for you to close the number of jobs you purchase. When you purchase of 10 or leads we include a 3 Month and 6 Month Money-Back Guarantee for you to complete your assigned work.  Want to speak with an advisor or are you not happy with your current roofing lead company?

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Guaranteed Next Day Leads We obtain roofing leads from recent storms

Client will fully understand what inspections your company will be doing upon arrival. You are able to request they be made aware of specific services such as full roof, siding, interior, and exterior damage repair or replacement that may be available to them.

Pre-Qualified Leads Set leads to fit your needs

You can request specific insurance carriers, appraisal amount values, square footage of the roof or property size, roof age, and verified damage to the property in and around a particular area.

House Insurance
Insurance Claim Leads Most of our leads involve insurance claims

We work with insurance adjusters and we will schedule and adjuster to come out once the damage has been assessed by your company.

Verified Roofing Lead Appointments We qualify each lead before emailing it to you. When we email your appointment, you will receive a detailed tracking ticket along with a file that contains our recorded phone call.

Verified Roofing Leads

You will receive an exclusive roofing lead appointment that has been verified by our team.

Storm Damage Leads

We call directly in to locations that have recently been affected by storms.  Many of the homes have wind, lightening, and hail damage.

Money Back Guarantee

Your success is our success.  We offer a money back guarantee so that our customers can feel good about doing business with us.

Phone Call Recordings

Our customers will receive a phone call recording for each lead so that their sales team can prepare for the roofing appointment ahead of time.

Lead Tracking Tickets

Our tracking tickets allow all of our customers to easily track their roofing lead appointments.

Insurance Claim Roofing Leads

Along with our package, you will receive a number of Insurance Claim Roofing Leads from home owners that have involved their insurance company.

About Us

For the past ten years, Storm Damage Leads has provided quality leads to roofing contractors, restoration businesses, and construction companies.

Storm Damage Leads, LLC offers guaranteed Roofing Leads.  

We are the only roofing lead generation company who guarantees its leads and backs their quality with a Money Back Guarantee.

Storm Damage Leads Pricing We provide three pricing tiers for your convenience.

Get a quote now, we are a company you can trust Get a free roofing leads quote and learn more about commercial leads, insurance claim leads, special offers, and more.

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Frequently Asked Roofing Lead Questions If you would like to discuss your roofing lead questions with us directly, call us at: 877-855-7827

What will I receive with the Appointment?

You will receive a Phone Call Recording with all of the pertinent info with the Lead Specialist and Homeowner which will go over any damage to the property or in the area.  You will also get a detailed Appointment Tracking Ticket with all of the pertinent information going over the call and Qualifying Questions with them ensuring the success of the Appointment.

How are the leads sent to me?

Your leads will be emailed to you once the appointment has been verified.  We set strict guidelines for leads to ensure that it meets the parameters sent forth in our lead contract.  Once a lead is verified, you will receive an appointment ticket with all of the information along with a phone call recording so that you can listen to the interaction between the home owner and our Lead Specialist.

How soon once I sign up, will I begin to receive appointments?

We typically have a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time.

How is Payment Made?

We work as a Wholesaler, therefore, all of the packages must be pre-paid.  For example, a roofing company might pay $5,000 and receive 60 appointments.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2013, and we have ten years of experience in the restoration and appointment setting industry.

Do you have any References?

You can find our references in the testimonial section of our website.